Mom Jeans!

I organized a fashion show where a group of my friends wore their mother's clothes.
This event happened at cinecycle, it plays out girls relationships to their mothers and the line between then and now.

Mom Jeans! from kevin marchand on Vimeo.

A special thanks to all of the models:

Gwendolyn Bieniara
Brette Gabel
Krysta-Lee Karenina
Amelia Ehrhardt
Yuula Benivolski
Alicia Nauta
Heather McTavish
Eva Kolcze
Lauren Bride
Helena Kvarnstrom
Zoƫ Alexis-Abrams
Sarah Bodri

Runway Beats by the Onakabazian and Carl Didur!

Part of MASSIVE SALE: YYZ MALL ; a series of events by Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman concluding their residency at the YYZ artist centre.

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